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4mm 330gr Nude Rope Yarn

4mm 330gr Nude Rope Yarn
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4mm 330gr Nude Rope Yarn

4mm 330gr Nude Rope Yarn

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We offer this cord in the shape of bundle and it is 3 strands twisted version of Macrame Rope.

It weights approx. 330 grams. The length of this cord is approximately 55 m and the width are 4mm. 

Rope yarn is the most favourite yarn for Macramé Crafting. It contains 100% of cotton. It is 3 strand twisted and has a thickness of 4mm. You can complete a project in a very short time by knot techniques with this yarn. It is possible to make a great dreamcatcher for your living room, plant hangers for your balcony or hammocks for colourful gardens! Macramé yarns are also very preferred by people who love to make their own accessories such as necklace, bracelet, stylish bags, clutch bags, etc.

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