6mm 250g Beige Macrame Braided
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6mm 250g Beige Macrame Braided

6mm 250g Beige Macrame Braided
6mm 250g Beige Macrame Braided

6mm 250g Beige Macrame Braided

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Macrame Braided looks like a braided cord as undestandable from the name. This braidy structure give the yarn and to the projects that are created with this yarn an extra stability.

6mm Macrame Braided is the biggest member of this group. There are eleven different and fascinating colour options. They are; Natural Colour, White, Sugar White, Black, Smoked, Beige, Dark Beige, Mint Green, Khaki, Yellow and Pinkish Orange. Each colour is really impressive, as Retwisst we are sure that it will be hard for you to choose any colour among them.

Macrame Braided 6mm include 80%cotton and 20% polyester. It is 250gr and 27m. It has braided structure as we understood from the name of this product.

It is possible to do with this planthangers, wallhangings and stylish bags …etc. It is depend on your imagination, and possible to make a project by using all the ropes together.

Don’t wait anymore, choose the macrame braided which is suitable for you and start to create wonderful unique design! 

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