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About ReTwisst

Our company “ReTwisst” has been established in 2011 and it is focused on Recycled Craft Yarns sector. We brought a new vision into the textile industry with our recycle mentality without chemical processes.

Most of our products are recycled from unused fabric wastes which are collected from textile producers of worlds famous brands. This production surplus comes to us as fibers or as fabric pieces. These products are seperated by quality and assembled in our factory. As a result of this process we produce our yarns.

Our company processes about 6.500.000 kg of textile waste into specific type of yarns per year. By producing our Recycled yarns, we contribute to the protection of our world resources and the environment, because we make it possible to reuse waste materials. There is no chemical dyeing process applied in the production of our yarns and no water is used during production. Therefore, approximately 52.000.000 tons of water is saved annually.

ReTwisst offers you different type of yarns which are suitable for many crafting projects. The first member of our product assortment is T-Shirt Yarn. Due to its thick texture, it is very easy and practical to knit or crochet compared to classical yarns.

Following the T-shirt Yarn we have many yarns with different thicknesses and textures; Ribbon and Ribbon Lurex Yarn, the braided yarns XXLace, Chainy Cotton, Chainy Cotton Mouline and the color gradient version Chainy Cotton Cake Yarn. The soft yarn Bosphorus Barbante and the finest Slim Cotton Yarn. Single strand, twisted and braided types of Macrame Cords for your macrame crafting projects. Our last and newest member Soft Cake Yarn which is suitable for clothing knit and crochet projects.

In addition to the yarns we also offer DIY Crochet and Knitting Kits. Everything a crafter needs inclusive pattern in several languages is packaged into one kit box.

Our yarns are suitable for a lot of knit- and crochet projects like fashion accessories, home decoration and amigurumi.

The possibilites of designs are endless and largely depend on your creativity. There are some projects that you can not create with an other type of yarn as ReTwisst yarns.

Social media has a great impact on our success. Now we have lots of knitters and designers who cooperate with us to promote our products. You can follow us also on different social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to join the ReTwisst Community and to be informed of all our activities.

Each season we try to release a new type of yarn, so our product range is constantly updated. We always are selecting the best raw materials to produce quality and convenient yarns. Our company will give its best to avoid the wastefulness in the textile industry by producing these recycled yarns.

Our aim is to provide quality and also competitive service by acting in accordance with the wishes of our customers.

Thank you for choosing us.

Address: Bromley Road Catford 160, Office 107, Access Storage Building, SE6 2NZ LONDON/UNITED KINGDOM

E-Mail: Send E-Mail (info@retwisst.com)

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