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How to Crochet


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 Would you like to crochet something with the crochet hook? Have you ever tried it? If you haven't and you want to get this experience, you're in the

 right place. Crocheting becomes a very easy and fun experience with ReTwisst recycled craft yarns! You can make a lot of projects such as; crochet

 bags, crochet baskets, crochet rugs, crochet dresses and crochet blankets with our environmentally friendly recycled yarns. We offer you kits and

 patterns to make your experience a piece of cake! Wouldn’t it be nice to warm with your own crochet blanket in winter? It’s not difficult at all to crochet

 your own blanket with our kits! Just choose the kit of the product you want and start to ReTwisst! Have you meet with our crochet yarn? You can meet

 with our yarns click here. We are always here to help you chose the best yarn for you and your Project.
 You can learn all about our other yarns by reading our articles and visiting us on our social media accounts 
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 Don't you know to crochet? No probs at all! As ReTwisst, we have created ReTwisst Academy for you, to help you at every step of your project.

 You can visit our site or YouTube page and watch our educational videos for free. You can learn the crochet completely from our videos and can do

 every thing you want with crochet.

 Crochet Hook


 There are varieties of crochet hook. We have lot of kinds of them: metal, bamboo and plastic Our bamboo hook is made of %100 bamboo.

 While choosing you hook, you should pay attention to your hand feeling comfortable and the thickness of the yarn you chose.

 It will be healthier for you to choose the type of hook that is most comfortable for you. For example, for a thick yarn like T-Shirt Yarn 7-8-9-10 mm

 crochet hook size will be suitable. Also, 7 mm hooks for Ribbons, 6 mm hooks for Barbante, 3mm- 4mm for Macrame, and 8mm for XXLace.

 The Slim Cotton yarn is thinner and makes it easier for you to knit, 3-3.5 mm crochet hooks. Did you try to crocheting with our hooks before?

 If not, it is the perfect time to try it! You should find out the most suitable tool while you are doing an entertaining hobby. We are sure that you will be

 very happy and have pleasure while crocheting with ReTwisst yarns! Now that we chose our crochet hooks! Now it's crocheting time! Let’s ReTwisst!



You can make great crochet designs with soft ReTwisst recycled yarns. Crochet baskets, colourful crochet bags, useful crocheting blankets and lots more

If you have questions like ''How do I crochet it? I don't know the pattern?'' We are here to help you. Our guide crochet patterns are waiting for you.

To crochet great products choose the kit box and DIY project. Yeah, that's all you have to do! You'll find the product patterns in our kit boxes.

Thanks to easy patterns, you will crochet like an expert. Why are you waiting for? Let's crochet! Let's Retwisst!




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