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How To Knit

What is knitting? It is wrong to consider knitting just as a hobby; knitting is also a source of motivation and peace. It will help you to eliminite your stress and keep your mind peaceful. if you aren’t still knitting, start knitting as soon as possible. You'll never regret it! You have two alternatives with yarns. Knitting or crocheting. Many ladies think it's more comfortable to knit. It is very easy to knit with all of our recycled yarns, especially with T-Shirt yarns.

If you're new to knitting and you don't know how to knit, then you're in the right place. All you have to do is chose your yarn and suitable knitting needle. There are different types of knitting needles. There are bamboo, metal, plastic needles with different sizes. While you are choosing your needle, you need to pay attention to feeling comfortable with your hands, the yarn you choose and the design you would like to create.

Knitting Patterns

Would you like to have a colorful and stylish knitted bag or a durable knitted rug? Would you consider making it yourself? If so, you are in the right place. If you are new to knitting, you are at the right place! Our all products and especially kit boxes are perfect for beginners. If you are not keen on learning from the videos and prefer manuals, we have them ready for you in our kit boxes! Please check the kit boxes available on our website. All necessary materials for knitting like accessories, Recycled Craft Yarn, suitable needles and the pattern for the chosen design are available in our kit boxes. You can easily learn how to proceed by reading our patterns even if you are a beginner. We have ready kits for knitting blankets, baskets or bags. Check here to see all knitting kits!

You can also find techniques or tutorial videos for beginners. You can reach these videos from our YouTube page or the Retwisst Academy that we have prepared for you. You can also feature on our at Academy web site if you would like to! Just send us your articles or videos about your knitting experience or about knitting techniques.

Many of our knitting tutorial videos do not contain verbal narration. We have music in the background so that you can knit peacefully while listening to calming music. If you can't work with music, you can mute it, however you wish! We're here for you. We will continue to support you with our high quality products, accessories and tutorial videos. Let's ReTwisst!

Knitting Tutorial Video

We have chosen a couple of videos for you to have a sneak peak to our tutarial videos below.


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