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We have been in recycled craft yarn sector since 2011. Our vision as a company is to ensure the production of the highest quality and natural yarns and to bring you

together with this quality. We are growing and renewing every day. We started off with a t-shirt yarn, but now we have a very big family. Who's under the Retwisst roof? Let's find out together. The first and important member of our family is Jersey Yarn

How To Make T-Shirt Yarn

Large textile factory in our region send us surplus fabrics. These fabrics can sometimes be mixed with single color, which means that they can be printed. These products that come to us are extracted, cleaned. After necessary arrangements are made, t-shirt yarns are made into coils. The production of fabric yarn is as sensitive as it is easy. This process demands attention. Ladies and gentlemen! You can also make a fabric yarn in your home. You can turn a shirt or a blouse that you don't wear or that is no longer small in size into a t-shirt yarn. And how? It's pretty easy. First, cut off the excess of your T-shirt, so make straight the arms and neck parts.

This will allow you to cut properly. Start cutting your T-shirt from the edges of 1-1.5 cm thick,the corner should be 2-2. 5 cm, because you will have to fix the corner. You can also connect your T-Shirt Yarn with a small knot that you want to merge. You're done cutting and editing. After winding, your recycled craft T-shirt yarn is ready! See, you have avoided waste, and you have prevented another product from being discarded. With your t-shirt yarn, you can do anything you need. For example; the knitting basket, knitting bag, knitting baby basket, etc. This is related to your imagination. It is time to use your imagination!


You know that we can evaluate our production surplus fabrics with t-shirt yarn. In this way we can avoid waste. Tons of water is consumed for 1 kg yarn weight of fabric; this water is spent in the production and washing of fabric. Thanks to the recycling tshirt yarn, you get ahead of this waste. In addition, many different dye materials and chemicals are used in the construction of non-recyclable. Chemical substances are not used in the production of our jersey yarn and in the production of non-recyclable yarns. At this point you will see that you are doing something useful for yourself and not just for the environment and nature.

Tee-Shirt Yarn

You can get different products with the fabric yarns you have bought or made yourself. These products can be your own design. If you're new to knitting or crocheting and you don't know how to do it, then we can recommend our crochet pattern and knitting patterns inside our kit boxes. You can easily knit or crochet the product you want by selecting your liking from our kit boxes. All you have to do is switch to the kits box. What are you waiting for? Let's Retwisst!


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