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Wholesale of Recycled Craft Yarn

As ReTwisst family we are ready to support you in every field. In addition to retail sales, we would like to support you in wholesale with our brand and quality and establish good cooperation. You can reach us from all over the world. As ReTwisst we are ready to serve you in every country you want. Please fill out the following information so that we can get to know you closely and you can get our high-quality recycled products;

By regenerated yarn, we offer you a wide range of products. Our wide range includes T-Shirt Yarn, Ribbon, Ribbon Lurex, Barbante, XXLace, Chainy Cotton Cake, Chainy Cotton Mouline, Slim Cotton, Macrame Cords und Soft Cake Yarn. Our minimum order amount is one pallet. You can fill one pallet with only one type of product or you can order a mix pallet with a few of our products, but of course the quantities (number of yarn balls) vary according to the product.

If you want to try all our products and shop according to your needs, mixed palette will be useful for you. According to the pallet capacity you can order any yarn you want. Our team members will help you with all stages of your order. We will send you our brochures with your orders to help you understand us and our products better. This will help you to introduce us and promote our products more efficiently. You can find below detailed information about our yarns for wholesale order.

Wholesale of T-Shirt Yarn

By T-Shirt Yarn which is a recycled craft yarn we offer you unlimited colour options. The weight of our T-Shirt Yarns varies between 650-1000gr. Our minimum order amount is one pallet and a pallet contain 780 pcs T-Shirt Yarns. Packing is as: 10 pcs of same colours per pack.

Wholesale of Ribbon Yarn

The raw material of our Ribbon’s Yarns are recycle fibers. Our Recycled Ribbon Yarns also have 30 different color options. You can choose any color from our color catalogue and you can create an order according to your needs. The weight of our Ribbon Yarn is 250gr.

Wholesale of Chainy Cotton Yarn

Our Chainy Cotton Yarns obtained from recycling raw materials are among the most preferred yarns. At Chainy Cotton Yarns, we offer you 30 different color options. It is possible to order constantly in any color.

After our Chainy Cotton yarn, Chainy Cotton Cake and Chainy Cotton Mouline Yarns joined our family. The yarns which are completely identical in structure differs in their coloring style. Our Chainy Cotton Cake Yarn contains 5 different colors and the transitions of these colors are very soft. Even when you just knit straight, you will see the magical harmony of the colours through these transitions of the yarn. Our Chainy Cotton Cake Yarns have 50 different colour options. Our Chainy Cotton Mouline Yarns contain two colors. You will see the alignment of two contrasting colors or two similar colors in this yarn. Our Recycled Chainy Cotton Mouline Yarns also have 20 different color options. Each roll of Chainy Cotton, Chainy Cotton Cake, and Chainy Cotton Mouline weighs 250 gr and 250m the length

Wholesale of XXLace Yarn

For Recycled XXLace Yarns we offer you 30 different colors. Each of them weighs 250gr and 65m length.

Wholesale of Barbante Yarn

The raw material of Barbante Yarns is also produced by recycling. It is especially preferred because it has a very soft structure. Our Barbante Yarn weighs 250gr and has 30 different color options. You can choose the colors you want from our catalogue.

Wholesale of Slim Cotton

Slim Cotton Yarns obtained from recycled raw material are the smallest members of our family. Its weight is 100 gr. Slim Cotton usage is very wide, it is very much preferred due to its 100% cotton. There are 30 different color options.

Wholesale of Soft Cake

Soft Cake Yarn is the first original products of ReTwisst Family. It is 250g, 1000m and its composition is 55% cotton and 45% acrylic. About wholesale Retwisst present to you 55 different and wonderful colour options. You will see that there are two different version of Soft Cake as twisted and untwisted. You can see all colour options on our product catalogue and get more information about minimum order quantity by contacting with us.

Wholesale of Macrame Cords

Macrame Cord has three different group inside. There are Macrame Rope, Macrame String and Macrame Braided. Each of them has 11 different colour options, you can see all colours on our catalogue. To get information about packaging and minimum order quantity per each colour please get in contact with ReTwisst Team. 


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