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Recycled T-Shirt Yarn

As ReTwisst, we have been with you since 2011. The first member of our family T-Shirt Yarn has been with us from the very beginning of this road.

We can say that it is one of the most important members of our family. It is very easy to knit and crochet with this yarn that has become a trend for

women and some of the men, thanks to the soft, flexible and durable cotton of the yarn. We offer you a wide variety of colours for every season.

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Fabric Yarn

There are many different names for fabric yarns such as Jersey yarn, T-shirt yarn, Textile Yarn. In other languages, they are named as Trapilho, Trapillo

Fio de Malha, Textilgarn, Stoffgarn or Stofgarn, Trikookude, Trikåtrasor. It is simply named after the fabric which yarn is obtained from.

The yarn is produced from textile waste fabrics, so it doesn’t contain any chemicals. Textile wastes are collected, cleaned and combined to create the

T-Shirt Yarn. With the Retwisst recycled Jersey yarn, you protect not only yourself, but also nature and our natural resources. Since there is no chemical

treatment or washing process is used, water waste is prevented too. Thank you for your contributing to save world’s natural sources via shopping from

ReTwisst! The recycled fabric yarn balls varies between 650-1000gr. This variety is related to the type of fabric in used in the production.

On average, the lenght is 120-130m and the minimum thickness is 2-2.5 cm.

Tee shirt yarn

Our Tee Shirt Yarns have a wide range of colors, you can find any color easily. As they are obtained from recycling, Tee Shirt Yarn colours always change

depending on the seasonal trends. We recommend you to order the colors you need while they are still in stock, you might not be able to find the exact

same colour later on. In this way, you will eliminate problems such as color mismatch or continuity of T-Shirt Yarn Projects. Knitting and crocheting with

tee shirt yarns is very easy. You can start Knitting and crocheting after selecting your crochet hook number and the most appropriate knitting needle

for you. The most popular aspect of recycled tee shirt yarns is the quick completion of the project. It has a thick and flexible structure, the project you

are crafting builds up in a short time.

T-Shirt Yarn Patterns

T-shirt yarn provides you convenience with its flexible structure and thickness. All you have to do is take your knitting needle or crochet hook and start

knitting or crocheting. You can do many things with recycled fabric yarn. Have you ever considered having a knitted pouf? Wouldn’t you want to

continue your knitting and crocheting in a more comfortable place or give your living room a different ambiance? How about a crochet basket?

You can organise your hand craft accessories or you can make a few baskets of different sizes to create beautiful hand made functional accessories for

your home. Do you have children? Then you definetely need a toy basket! You can craft a toy basket with recycled T-Shirt Yarn and you can help saving

the world’s sources while gifting your child something you have crafted with love! Or, you can knit a one of a kind laundry basket for your bathroom.

You can create a healthy environment for your loved ones by using ReTwisst recycled yarns. Our products don’t go under any type of chemical dyeing or

washing. Everything you craft with ReTwisst will help the World and will create safe to use daily items in your home! It's pretty easy to make any Project

with the ReTwisst Fabric Yarn Kits. In the kits, you can find the suitable yarn, crocheting hooks or knitting needles and patterns of your desired Project.

Do you fancy having a hand crafted baby basket? No problem at all! All you have to do is choosing your most favourite colour from our kits and start


ReTwisst have prepared kits for stylish bags, elegant place mats, beautiful rugs and more. All you have to do is visiting our website here and choosing

what you would like to create! You can find every detail and accessories you need including pattern. Are you looking for a special and meaningful gift for

your loved ones? No need to look out, why not make one yourself? Creating hand crafts never been so easy! What are you waiting for? Let’s ReTwisst!



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