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Soft Cake

Soft Cake is the last and newest yarn of our product range. It is our first original product! Actually we only produce recycled yarns, but after discovering the beauty of this product, we thought that we should add this yarn to our product range. You will understand why we thought like this after purchasing this and starting to crochet a project with it.

Wonderful Color Gradient Yarn

Soft Cake is a yarn with great colour transitions. The transitions include 5 different colour. There are two options of Soft Cake; twisted or untwisted. Both types achieve the best results when you crochet with. It is possible to produce both, depending on the needs of each customer. It is produced of carefully selected harmony of 5 colours. ReTwisst offer you 50 different colour gradients for this yarn. Soft Cake is the most compatible yarn for knitwear out of our product range. It possible to crochet or knit shawls, beanies, cardigans, sweaters, dresses and much more designs.

Twisted and Untwisted Cake Yarns

As mentioned, there are two options of Soft Cake as twisted and untwisted. By the twisted version of Soft Cake, the 4-ply yarn is folded and twisted as usual. By the untwisted version, on the other hand, the yarn is only folded without twisting as the name suggests.

There are 50 fascinating colour gradient for Soft Cake. Everyone can decide for themselves whether to work with twisted or untwisted Soft Cake. The choice here depends only on your taste. The composition of Soft Cake is 55% cotton and 45% acrylic, 250g and 1000m. It is possible to crochet a surface of 80x80cm2 with a bobbin. Because of the structure of this product, it is easy to wash and retains its shape. That’s why it is always preferred for clothing. It is time to discover the new member of ReTwisst Family by crocheting!

10 Variantions
Pineapple Soft Cake Pineapple Soft Cake
10 Variantions
Violetta Soft Cake Violetta Soft Cake
-21 %
10 Variantions
Ocean  Soft Cake Ocean  Soft Cake
-15 %
9 Variantions
Nature Colors Soft Cake - Twisted Nature Colors Soft Cake - Twisted
-41 %
10 Variantions
Lily Soft Cake Lily Soft Cake
9 Variantions
Bird of Paradise Soft Cake - Twisted Bird of Paradise Soft Cake - Twisted
-18 %
10 Variantions
Pomegranate Soft Cake Pomegranate Soft Cake
-33 %
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