Chainy Polyester
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Chainy Polyester

Filars Hand knitting yarns is delighted to introduce Chainy polyester yarn in this industry. This yarn product is one of the most sought after, high grade quality products which is assembled in our factory.

We have a big production capacity and this yarn product comprises of 21 different colour shades for all types of fashion trends and all seasons creations.

To crochet or knit with this yarn is absolutely easy,enjoyable and can be done within short period of time.

With 2mm Chainy Polyester yarn 200g you can ideally knit and crochet handbags, bagpacks and decor items . With coloured polyester yarn you can also knit and crochet water bottle holder and wine bags.

So hurry up to choose the most beautiful colours now and create different kinds of projects with this highly preffered Filars Chainy Polyester yarn.

Please note that ; The lengths and weight are approximate.


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