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Macrame Braided


Macrame Braided is one of the members of Macrame Cord. It is possible to say that Macrame Braided is last, little and pretty member of this family. J

Macrame Braided looks like a braided cord as understandable from the name. This braidy structure give the yarn and to the projects that are created with this yarn an extra stability.

Firstly thing you should do is to decide your project! You can complete a project in a very short time and on a easy way by knot techniques with this yarn.


After deciding your project you will do, then you should choose your favourite colour. It will be also a difficult step for you because as ReTwisst we always present to you wonderful colours. To choose a color out of this shades won’t be easy for you.


I supposed you have already selected your favourite colour. It is time to decide the width which is most suitable for you.

Macrame braided is ideal for designs like wallhangings, plant hangers, key chains and for much more Macrame crafting prjects depend on your imagination and creativity.

There are three options for macrame braided as 2mm, 4mm and 6mm. When you select the width, you should just consider about your project you will do.

For small project 2mm will be more suitable whereas for bigger and huge project i can advice to you 4mm and 6mm.

Hurry up! Choose your favourite colour, the most suitable width and start to do your project. Don’t forget to take along your imagination.  It is time to ReTwisst!

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