6mm Macrame Braided
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6mm Macrame Braided


Macrame Braided is one of the most popular products of Macrame cords. 6mm is the thickest cord out of this category.

You don’t need to crochet or knit to achieve your dream project. All you have to know is the know techniques and it’s a quite easy to learn it. If you know the knot techniques, don’t need to talk about it anymore, it means you have already finished this work! It is turn to choose your favourite colour and the most suitable width.


Let’s take a closer look at the members of sweat Macrame Braided family!

6mm Macrame Braided is the biggest member of this group. There are eleven different and fascinating colour options. They are; Natural Colour, White, Sugar White, Black, Smoked, Beige, Dark Beige, Mint Green, Khaki, Yellow and Pinkish Orange. Each colour is really impressive, as Retwisst we are sure that it will be hard for you to choose any colour among them.

The natural colour of Macrame Braided include 100% cotton and the other colours include 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It is 250gr and 27m. It has braided structure as we understood from the name of this product.


6mm is the biggest one, when we compare with other member of Macrame Braided. So it is appropriate for big and thick projects like planthangers, big size wallhangings or swings etc.

Don’t wait anymore, choose the macrame braided which is suitable for you and start to create wonderful unique design! 

6mm 250g Black Color Macrame Braided..
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6mm 250g Khaki Macrame Braided
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6mm 250g Beige Macrame Braided
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