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Macrame String


Macrame String is the single strand and the softest type of Macrame cords. You can choose out of 4 different thicknesses your ideal String yarn depends on your project.

We offer you 11 different colors also for this yarn. They are Natural Color, White, Sugar White, Black, Smoked, Beige, Dark Beige, Mint Green, Khaki, Yellow and Pinkish Orange. The natural colour of Macrame String contains of 100% cotton whereas other colours are 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

Macrame String is perfect for all Macrame craftings such as dream catchers, key chains, wall hangers, bracelets etc. Especially for projects that needs to be combed is the Macrame String perfect to use. You can follow our social media accounts to get inspirations about what and how to create with Macrame Cords.

Macrame Projects

Macrame String is one of the best and suitable cords to make every kind of projects.

There are four different thicknesses to use for the projects you imagine. You can make different home accessories, macrame mandala, macrame mirror, pacifier clips, dreamcatchers, wall hangings, earrings …etc.

The projects are limitless, you can choose your favourite color and thicknesses from the options we offer you.

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