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ReTwisst, which is Ertek Textile Company’s international yarn brand, is focused on recycled craft yarns sector since 2008. Retwisst Yarns are recycled from first quality fabric wastes for quick and easy crhocheting and knitting. By producing our yarns we use the latest recycle technology. There aren’t chemical dyeing processes applied in the production of these yarns and also water is not used during production and so we protect the nature and the world. We make it possible to reuse a waste material.

ReTwisst offers you differents type of yarns like T-Shirt Yarn, Ribbon, XXLace, Bosphorus Barbante, Macrame and Slim Cotton with a wide range of color. We are selecting the best raw materials to produce quality yarns and also we try constantly to update our product catalog with new yarns, kits and accessoires....

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